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One of the requirements of the Oxford Brookes BSc degree programme is that students must have a Project
Mentor to support and guide them as they complete the Research and Analysis Project.

Your Project Mentor is there to support you with the preparation of your Research and Analysis Project, by
providing advice and feedback to you at appropriate times during your Project activities. They will also be
asked by Oxford Brookes to confirm that they have been your Project Mentor and that your Research and
Analysis Project is your own work.

Please note: Mentoring is a service which is provided by a registered mentor, working as your personal con-
tractor. Many mentors charge for providing this service. This charge can be up to 500 GBP.

Oxford Brookes requires that you have at least three meetings with your Project Mentor, each of which
would normally be about 30 minutes in length. If your Project Mentor agrees, you could have additional or
longer meetings, but you should negotiate this before you start your Research and Analysis Project work.

The Project Mentor meetings should focus not only on the planning and research needed to prepare a good
Research and Analysis Project, but also on the opportunity for you to develop skills in listening, questioning
and presenting your findings. Oxford Brookes suggest that your planning for each meeting includes the pre-
paration of an agenda of issues which can be covered in the time available to you. Focus on the key issues
and identify the desired outcomes from the meeting. Take notes to record the actions needed to progress
your Research Report and to contribute to your reflection for your Skills and Learning Statement.

From June 2015 all Project Mentors will have to successfully complete the approved online Mentoring cour-
se and be registered as Approved Mentors for the BSc degree in Applied Accounting on the Oxford Brookes

Project Mentors who have already completed the previous course will be transferred, subject to approval by
Oxford Brookes University, to the new database.

Selecting a Project Mentor

It is your responsibility to find someone to act as your Project Mentor and to arrange three meetings with him
or her. It is not possible for Oxford Brookes University to provide a Project Mentor for you but Oxford Brookes
University has identified three categories of individuals from which you should choose your Project Mentor.

The person you choose should be one of the following:

• Your tutor at College or University
• A senior colleague at work e.g. your line manager
• A qualified Chartered Certified Accountant

If you identify somebody as a potential Project Mentor who does not fall into any of these three categories,
then you should contact the ACCA office at Oxford Brookes University and provide a copy of your suggested
Project Mentor’s CV for approval.

If the proposed Project Mentor is a member of a recognised professional body or institute and / or holds a
recognised degree equivalent qualification then it is likely that approval will be given.

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